this is me

my approach

flow, femininity, empowerment


entrepreneur | photographer

I have given myself permission

… to express my feminine flowing freely within me and I hope this space gives you the opportunity to do the same. I let this feminine essence bleed into all that I am. In the way I work. In the way I interact with other women.

This is my souls mission: to empower others to step into their own uniqueness. To reawaken their beautfiful feminine gifts. I want to bring new space into existence, one where women can uncover and align the deepest parts of themselves. By being seen. By being respected. A place of empowerment.

I KNOW that when we lift each other up, when we encourage each other, when we celebrate each other, goddamn, there is SO MUCH TRANSFORMATIONAL MAGIC in this.

get to know me

where i was born

I grew up in a little village near Dresden, Germany

my happy place

Out in Nature, all day every day

MY birth chart

☉ Leo, ☾ Scorpio, ↑ Leo

most valuable person

My beautiful husband

my healing place

My yoga mat

what i collect

Shells, love letters and mugs

human design type

Projector, 5/1

where i currently live

Spain, Mallorca


My life’s struggle- both!?

cats or dogs?

Both and lots of them please


Paolo Coelho, Glennon Doyle

my why

it is not about the photos

The one thing that is now more clear to me then ever is: it is not about the photos. Not about the pictures I take, the photography.

It is about the women I get to meet. It is about them stepping into their feminine. It is about creating a safe space for them to open up. A space where they feel seen and heard. Where they can ALLOW themselves to be. In their fullest expression. In their vulnerability. In their wildness. Whichever part of them has been pushed down and silenced, is allowed to come out and be held by me. Is allowed to come out to play. It is about women finding new gratitude for their body. And allowing them to step into their sensuality and sexuality without being shamed. It is about bringing them out of their minds and stories into their body.

And then when you are home and receive these pictures that witness this playful exploration of your being- I hope that they will always remind you of your strength.

see me through their eyes

becoming a successful photographer

with ease & flow

You can be held back by fear. The fear of what other people will think of you. The fear of failure. The fear of unworthiness. Or you can show up 100% as yourself and make an impact in the world. Share your gifts. Despite of the fear. You can choose.

I chose to create a  juicy pleasure-filled life and business of my dreams. I chose to step into an industry that is highly saturated with male photographers (and male energy) and bring in flow, femininity, softness, empowerment. And with the right tools and energetics I brought in not only hundreds of absolut dream clients but also almost 5 figure months with ease. It can be easy.

The choices you make today will define your tomorrow. So whether you are already a photographer seeking guidance or you have been thinking about starting your photography business- I am here to share everything I’ve learned along my journey with you.

Remember: who you choose to be from this moment on is completely up to you. You get to say ‚Yes‘ to creating an abundant business where you empower other women. It is time to drop profoundly into your power and share your gifts with this world.

ready to take the leap?