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welcome sister

I am eternally grateful for you and for the fact, that you want me to capture your essence

01. take your time Filling out the questionnaire

I could not be more stoked that you are here! If you’re considering me to capture you, I don’t take that lightly. If you haven’t already, be sure to read the MY APPROACH page where I talk a little about my approach to photography. If you feel we would be good fit, fill out the contact form so we can go make some magic!

02. wait till the magic knocks on your email door

Depending on how busy I am I might take up to two weeks to review your inquiry. I also work very intuitively and only respond when I am in the right energy. Once I am you will get an email with all detailed informations about pretty much everything there is to know.

03. respond in your own time

No rush! I really want you to feel into the informations I shared with you. Does it align? Do you need more infos before making your decisions? Once you are clear, send me a full body yes via email or WhatsApp or call and I will send over your contract and your invoice.

let’s create magic together

My bookings are currently closed until the end of august. If you have send a request already I will be answering you shortly. For now I am not taking on any new shoots or project requests. Thank you for understanding ♥️