for female photographers

energetic, feminine based business mentoring

There is a new, more intuitive, easeful way to become an empowering successful female photographer. It gets to feel SO incredibly light, easeful and RIGHT. No shrinking to fit industry rules and „what sells“. The industry of competition is falling. Photography business as we know it- is seeded with stress, anxiety, competition, over-working, under-listening to the body. This industry is highly saturated with male photographers (and male energy). But when strong women step into this place and build soul- led feminine based businesses- there is no competition. There is solely abundance.

I am here to share how you can infuse the feminine into your photography business. I will guide you through energetic business mentoring to fully anchor the potential you feel within and give you the tools and energetics you need to bring in absolut dream clients with ease.

See, the work we do is sacred. It is about so much more than taking beautiful pictures. It is about guiding women into their bodies and out of their minds. Being part of their healing journey. Women need our work now MORE THAN EVER. Once you understand the powerful impact you have with your photography, you will step into full abundant success.

Community over Competition

my vision

is to create an empowering community of successful abundant female photographers all over the world who help other women step into their fullest potential by capturing their unique essence

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the base of my work

is play

intuitive, feminine, empowering

Everything I have learned, I learned through play. And I want to bring that same feeling of ease and flow to you and your business. Having fun, building a deep sisterhood connection as we create or restructure your abundant business.


This is a no-topic-is-off-limits, completely open & honest 60 minute conversation between you and me via zoom. You will be send a questionnaire beforehand so I know where you are at and we can make the most out of our time. Since this is only an hour we can talk about one or two of the following subjects:

  • finding your niche + your aesthetic
  • how to attract & book your ideal client
  • Pricing
  • Tips for Providing an amazing client experience (from initial inquiry to working during your session to delivering the photos)
  • shooting & posing (or rather not posing – allowing it to be organic + feminine + empowering)
  • Shooting Naked Women (Do’s & Dont’s)
  • workflow – from start to finish
  • portfolio review
  • Website redesign consultation
  • Programs that make running my business easier
investment: 220,00 €

This 2,5 hour session will be held via zoom. And it is a real deep dive into my work. You will be send a questionnaire beforehand so I know where you are at and we can make the most out of our time. We can talk about 2-3 topics that were mentioned in my one hour virtual session for the first 1,5 hours and then we can dive into editing. You will watch me edit live and I will explain my entire process and how I adjust my presets to my needs. You can choose whether I edit my own or some of your pictures you send me before hand. As a super special bonus you will get 2 of my most used and very unique presets.

  • we can cover 2-3 topics that are mentioned in my 1 h session
  • See how I edit in real time (either my own or 2-3 of your pictures)
  • includes 2 of my most used and very unique Presets
investment: 450,00 €

This is a 3 hour in person Mentoring Session, packed with valuable insights and deep sisterhood connection between you and me. This will be a 1 hour live demonstration of how I work paired with a 2 hour workflow session in a Café or Restaurant where we can talk about anything you’d like and edit together. You will be send a questionnaire beforehand so I know where you are at and we can make the most out of our time. As a super special bonus you will get 2 of my most used and very unique presets. See what else is included below:

  • See how I work and flow
  • 10 professional photos of yourself included which can be used for your own marketing
  • 2 of my most used and very unique Presets
  • We will be out in nature shooting for 1 hours and then find a cozy café where we will sit and chat about all things business, workflow as well as edit the pictures we took together
  • Website & Portfolio Review included
investment: 920,00 €

let’s do this

book your mentoring session

01. take your time Filling out the questionnaire

I am beyond excited that you consider me to be your mentor during a part of your journey. This is SUCH a big deal for me. This is only a contact form to get in touch with me. Once you book your mentoring session you will be send a more in depth questionnaire so that can make the most out of your time.

02. wait till the magic knocks on your email door

Please be patient as it might take me a little while to get back to you. Firstly because I get many inquiries and secondly because, as you know, I work very intuitively and need to be in the right energy when I respond to your request.  Once I am ready you will get an email with all detailed informations about our mentoring session and your invoice (if you want me to mentor you long term we will schedule a discovery call first).

03. respond in your own time

No rush! I really want you to feel into the informations I shared with you. Does it align? Once you are clear, send me a full body yes via email or WhatsApp or call and pay your invoice. Once it is paid, I will send over your questionnaire and we can schedule a date.

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