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you deserve to celebrate yourself


I want you to know that you are already beautiful, already worthy, already enough- just as you are. You deserve to celebrate yourself as the queen that you are. And I hope my work and the pictures you get to keep of yourself are another step forward on your journey to unconditional self love. 

I want to capture all of the messy, authentic, in-between moments. So that when you revisit those memories through our pictures, your pour gratitude all over your sacred body. Societies messed up standards on beauty have no space here. My goal has always been to walk the path that encourages true self acceptance and help guide women into their bodies.

what’s the process?

01. consultation

Depending on where you approached me, I will talk to you about your needs and wants and send you a customized cost estimate which either includes the package you chose from or a customized offer I created for you. After that I usually invite you to jump on a phone call with me so we can truly get to know each other and talk about all the little details. That way I can assure this experience will give you everything you are looking for. 

02. booking

The moment you decide to say YES to yourself and are ready to book your photoshoot experience, you will have to make a  deposit to secure your date which is 50 % of the full amount. After your deposit is paid I will start creating the moodboard for our shoot. It is based on your preferences and inspirations and my ideas. This way we can both drop into the energy of the upcoming shoot and I have an even deeper understanding of what to create for you. We will then decide on a location together. I prefer to shoot in nature but I am here to serve your needs so if you have a beautiful indoor location in mind or want me to organize one, we will do that too!

03. photoshoot

Based on our moodboard we will choose the outfits and any other props for your shoot together. Other than that all you have to bring is yourself. All of you is welcome- always.  Once we meet we will take some time to drop into the present moment together. I always bring blankets and tea for my goddesses to feel extra comfortable. Once we start to shoot I will intuitively guide you throughout the entire experience- no prior knowledge necessary! This is an experience so we will laugh, talk and tune into the feminine together. Trust me, any nervousness will fall away quickly. 

04. final delivery

After the shoot, I’ll send you a collection of the unedited pictures in form of a gallery. You can then choose which ones you would like to keep (if you want to keep more pictures then we originally estimated, you can always purchase more!)  After you picked your favourits I will send over your invoice with the remaining amount of your session fee. Once this is paid, I will start edited your pictures. The editing process usually takes me around 2 weeks. Your gallery will be delivered via a private online album where you can download the final digital files.

„lisa made me fall in love with myself“

I have been modeling on the side for several years, but I’ve never came across someone like Lisa. 
She not only is a naturally talented photographer who has such a good eye for what’s beautiful. But what makes her art truly special is her way of being. She is so incredibly warm, kind, funny, open and really passionate about making you feel seen and beautiful. She has this incredible gift of making you feel like a goddess by accentuating your unique beauty and appreciating your flaws as something wonderful. Like probably every woman, I often see my flaws or what I don’t like. Lisa made me fall in love with myself and my body more, by showing me how I look through her eyes and the eyes of the world, instead of my critical mind. During our last shoot I had tears in my eyes because it was so beautiful and liberating.

I have had pictures before on which I „look good“, but Lisa´s pictures are really out of this world. She truly captures the essence, the soul of a person by creating this amazing atmosphere in which you feel just so comfortable – even if you’re naked. She celebrates the female body in all its forms and it feels magical to receive this energy from a fellow sister. During the shoot, she devotes all her attention and energy to you, which I have never felt from another woman in this way. Lisa, I cannot thank you enough for this experience, and for helping me celebrate my female body with all its beauty and imperfections!



This very much depends on the season (spring and summer being super busy), however your photoshoot should be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. If there is a special date you need your pictures by, it should be booked at least 4 weeks in advance. Once you sign our photoshoot contract online and I received the 50 % deposit fee, your session is reserved.

Absolutely not! First of all: 90% of my photoshoots take place in nature and I am always here to share my most favorite secret spots with you. If I travel to your home, it would be amazing for you to share some of your favorite spots with me (since this is usually where you have the strongest connection to Mama Nature) and I will make sure it is a good place for us to shoot. I am also always happy to send you a list of possible indoor locations and book them for us!

Before our shoot I will ask you to send me some of your inspirations. Maybe these are some pictures on Pinterest or other women who inspire you on their social media accounts. Save some of these images and send them over. I will then create an entire moodboard filled with inspiring ideas dedicated for our photoshoot.

First of all: I want you to wear whatever you feel your best in. Whether that’s something very feminine that makes you feel sexy or a special piece you got on a travel trip. This is a special experience so it is a perfect place to dress up, wear a fancy dress you can’t wear often or even get a crown to show your goddess self. There is no need to get naked, you can intuitively decide how much skin you want to show during the shoot. Everything is welcome! If you need help deciding, I am always here for you!

You do absolutely not need any prior knowledge whatsoever. Once we start to shoot I will intuitively guide you throughout the entire experience! This is called an experience for a reason- we will laugh, talk and tune into the feminine together. Trust me, any nervousness will fall away quickly. 

YES! I will send you a personal online gallery with all unedited pictures for you to choose from. This will be your opportunity to purchase more pictures then the number you originally anticipated (because you will most likely be blown away by your pictures ;-))

Our contract states that I am allowed to use your pictures for any marketing purposes, HOWEVER I will not share any nude photos of you without asking your permission first! That being said, you can always talk to me about everything and we will always find a solution! 

No, I won’t photoshop to alter what is real and true for you. I am here to capture moments of your raw beautiful self. I don’t care about societies views on “BEAUTY”, I care about the beauty that you bring to your life and to my life, so why would I remove any of that through photoshop?

I will however retouch temporary blemishes like bruises and acnes.

let’s create magic together

how to work with me

01. take your time Filling out the questionnaire

I could not be more stoked that you are here! If you’re considering me to capture you, I don’t take that lightly. If you haven’t already, be sure to read the MY APPROACH page where I talk a little about my approach to photography. If you feel we would be good fit, fill out the contact form so we can go make some magic!

02. wait till the magic knocks on your email door

Depending on how busy I am I might take up to two weeks to review your inquiry. Once I have you will get an email with all detailed informations about pretty much everything there is to know.

03. respond in your own time

No rush! I really want you to feel into the informations I shared with you. Does it align? Do you need more infos before making your decisions? Once you are clear, send me a full body yes via email or WhatsApp or call and I will send over your contract and your invoice.

client questionnaire